Testosterone Cypionate 250mg


Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Manufacturer: Ryzen Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

Each vial contains 10 ml of Testosterone Cypionate with a concentration of 250mg/ml
Each vial has a hologram and a unique erasable code on the right side of the label. You can check the code on our website on the check code section to see if your product is original.
Testosterone cypionate is a long-acting version of the parent hormone testosterone with an attached cypionate ester to delay its release into the body. Testosterone is the most potent, naturally occurring androgen that is formed in the human body. Peaking within 1-2 days after injection, the testosterone is then steadily released over the next 12 days and completely tapers out after approximately 3 weeks.

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